Welcome to DKUPhoto!

Welcome to DKUPhoto where your creative visions come to life!  It is a simple and effective way to learn more about my background and my work.  Check out all of the links and enjoy the journey!

I have a portfolio of my images at my DKUPhoto SMUGMUG Website.  More galleries are being added.  Please visit it often!

Please go to my “Now and Later” page to see some links to brick-and-mortar venues where my work is on display.

Although, I do not have the sales feature activated at SMUGMUG (COMING FALL 2017), you can go to my “Contact” link and I will quote you a price for a photograph.

I am especially fond of old-style diners across the country.  Check out my diner images and a short promotional video for the Littleton Diner in Littleton NH (Sept 2016).

Also, I am getting more into video.  Check out a 2017 IMPLOSION; yes literally an implosion of a building I captured on video which occurred in Camp Hill PA.